The list of our clients

Below is a list of clients we've helped begin the process of operating at Peak Performance. Whether it's Leadership Training, Salesology or Innovation they have all made the necessary steps to be better and now they proudly stand behind our process.

Melody Davis

Public School Teacher, Entrepreneur

In the very recent history of my life I made myself vulnerable by asking the Universe for help. Leighton Kyler being the great motivator and seeker of greatness reached out to me. Yes, I indirectly sought his assistance, I did not come to him directly, but it was he who found me. We had 2 sessions over the telephone, by the end of the 2nd session he had me so pumped up and ready to show the world what I am made of that I could not wait to get off the phone with him and get started on my journey to greatness. Sometimes we need that push, that person who helps us to open our eyes, ears, hearts, and souls to our destiny. Thank you Mr. Kyler. For you see greatness recognizes greatness.

Danielle Graves

Digital Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Leighton is a brilliant man with a true gift at helping others reach success in all aspects of their life. My goal of asking him a few questions about how he came to his current job title resulted in a life changing phone call that allowed me to rediscover my purpose that I couldn't see was there until he broke it down for me. He gives all his glory to God and his selflessness shines through his voice. I would recommend his services to any individual, professional, business and company.

Michael Monteclaro

Helping Others Reach Their Goals, Mechanical Engineer, Sales Consultant at Karelink, LLC

In the time that I have spent with Leighton, I've had several BIG "ah-ha" moments. He’s taught me to “let it come, let it flow and let it go;” to focus on what’s important and to identify the lesson in my daily experiences. His method to have people reach their peak performance is concise and purpose driven. Leighton guides you through exercises that will undoubtedly make you see and appreciate why they're done. He’s told me, “You have to identify and remove all the obstacles that block the path to your true passion and purpose. And when you find it, you’ll be on fire!” Leighton has an innate ability to help people and see who they really are. He'll listen, observe and help you "dig" deep through thought provoking questions. His wisdom stems from his faith, is supported by his learned knowledge, his own experiences and his down-to-earth mind-set. From the first moment I met Leighton and hearing him speak, I realized that he IS someone I can turn to for insight toward the path of my full potential. Leighton is GREAT at what he does, and for anyone who wants to reach their next level, he CAN and WILL help you reach your peak performance. Thank you Leighton! “All is well and blessed.”

Rolanda S. McDuffie, CPA, MBA, MAFM

State of Florida Certified Public Accountant with a Masters of Accounting & Financial Management and Business Administration/ Adjunct Professor

I went to Leighton, initially, with specific areas of my business that I wanted to improve. He listened, came up with ideas and gave me a new way of looking at the issue that allowed me to focus on my end results. He was also able to help sort out the internal conflicts that we all deal with which will benefit me greatly in both my personal and business relationships. Leighton gathered an accurate understanding of my situation through intense listening and intuition, asked questions where I needed to be challenged, and provided valuable suggestions when I needed practical advice. I recommend Leighton as a personal and/or business coach. Thank you Leighton for your ongoing support and assistance.

Linn Durbin

National Account Manager at Integrated Supply Network (ISN)

I had recently experienced a both unexpected and brutal layoff. The reality of the situation was setting in and it was time to act. What I soon discovered was that I was stuck. There was much to do; however, what was the best use of time? Every idea that came to mind involved an unfamiliar and uncomfortable task. I realized that many had experienced job loss but it felt strangely unique. A normally positive guy was letting fear take over. It became obvious that I needed help. The first person that came to mind was Leighton. At the very least, I thought, his positive, can-do attitude will get me out of this whorl pool and back on course. What actually occurred was more of a life changing event. You see, he took my call, talked me off the ledge and made time to meet with me, despite a schedule packed with client appointments. When we began our discussion, I discovered that I was not able to clearly articulate the position I was hoping to secure. Although I found this embarrassing, Leighton explained that most are unclear at the stage and those that have chosen are more often than not reaching for a bar that is far too low. We started with a discussion about my overall goals. Truthfully, I did not understand what was happening until we reached the destination. Where he lead me was to what I can only describe as a new dimension. It was as if the fog lifted and I could now see what was there all along. In short, I am now confidently moving in a direction that is truly of my choosing and perfectly matched to my attributes. Selfishly, I am wondering what else I may be missing. Although I may not be able to discover the answer alone, I know who to ask for assistance. I learned that if I get out of my own way and reach out for qualified help, the results will surpass my expectations.

Richard Ravens

Business Consultant at Progressive Employer Management Company - PEMCO

It's always a pleasure working with Leighton. He has a strong understanding of the sales process, listens to the problem at hand and finds the appropriate solution for his clients. Having the discipline that he has to do what he does day in and day out is a rare quality where he excels.

Terrence O'Connor

Purchase Team Manager at Nations Lending - NMLS#198025

Leighton and I came in contact through an ad I placed on LinkedIn for my job search. While most people will briskly move on about their day, Leighton took the time to give me some constructive feedback on how I can present myself in a more appealing manner to potential employers. Leighton went out of his way to suggest connections that might help to benefit me in my search even though this would not benefit his business. Leighton is a true professional that you do not come across every day. I am very thankful to have connected with him.

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