We specialize in intrapersonal and soft skills performance development focused on Leadership; Sales and Business Intelligence; Behavioral and Change Management.

Why Peak Performance Headquarters Was Started

Peak Performance Headquarters was started to help people that want to get to the next level of performance. They are taught to identify unseen areas for performance gains and how to overcome obstacles that are prohibiting identified areas for increase.

Once those obstacles are overcome and the Divine gifts are identified it's time to focus on the future. “When your Divine gifts meet your passion - there’s an EXPLOSION called purpose.”
-Leighton Kyler

  • To Help CEO's
  • To Help Corporate Trainers
  • To Help Your Sales Staff
  • To Help Your Business
  • To Help You!

Why we do it

Servant Leadership drives Sales Performance Management and performance driven enthusiasm is the center of our core values.

We are educated, trained, experienced, renowned, and sought after Coaches, Speakers, Change Agents, Innovators, and Master Peak Performance Strategists. Our implementation strategy is Teaching, Coaching and Consulting our clients on mastering three distinct areas: the Law of Attraction; the Science of Achievement; the Art of Fulfillment. Peak Performance Headquarters' purpose is to help our clients overcome any blockers prohibiting success, such as fear, uncertainty, or doubt by getting them to unleash the transformational power of peak performance within, taking their ideas from strategy to success. The steps developed are based on wisdom, processes, and technologies necessary to… “Change your thinking - to change your LIFE.”-Leighton Kyler… “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” -Proverbs 23:7..



Our customized performance-driven leadership-centric workshops are all designed to activate immediate and sustainable change in the areas of intrapersonal and soft skills development.

Lives Changed

We are humbled and grateful for the testimonies and results based on helping others find their divine gifts; thereby, achieving peak performance.


We have created systems and processes design to change your thinking, to change your life. Every action you take, must take you to your divine purpose. Happiness is the fuel for success.

One Goal, One Mission, One Purpose

We take your ideas from strategy to success helping you to achieve Peak Performance.

How we got started

Leighton Kyler, founder of Peak Performance Headquarters, after hitting his life's emotional bottom with nothing left, Leighton went through a transformational life intrapersonal change process. His divine power within was unleashed immediately shifting him to his life’s work. He realized his responsibility as a result of this process, is to help others also achieve peak performance. Peak Performance Headquarters was started to help people that want to get to the next level of performance, personally and professionally. Essentially, in all aspects of their lives. Through intense thought-provoking and awakening sessions, you are taught to identify unseen areas for performance gains and how to overcome and let go of obstacles that are prohibiting identified areas for gain.

The key is in knowing you already have everything you need to achieve whatever you desire. Once you reach the level to let it come, let it flow, then let it go, you are truly open to receiving. This is the beginning of immediate and sustainable change. The next step is for you to move into alignment as you are divinely designed to be. After the alignment process is mastered, you can and will maintain peak performance in all you do.

“Four actions to optimize performance: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.”-Leighton Kyler

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